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Gave it a go...




Did I get the 3 endings?

You did, gg :D

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I did it I finished it... I think. was that the end?

The game is very interesting. I'm still Wondering why the nun wants me

Do you plan on making a 2nd game to explain the mystery behind Mother Madeline and what just happened to her victims?

I also encountered a very minor thing- at the long hallway, there are invincible barrier/ item that blocks my path but moving either left or right let's me pass through 


You did 2 out of 3 endings :D

Yes I can make a 2nd game, feedback is being really great!

Thanks for your feedback about the barriers, It may be a collision issue, I'll check it out :)

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there's 3 endings?! I have to find that 3rd one, I'll be re uploading the video once I find it (I love completing endings and I think I know how to get it). looking forward for the 2nd game!


I TRIED! I could not do it.

You did great! Thanks for playing :)


Thank you! < 3


I gave the game a shot and it is fairly fun. Having the timer visible on the screen helps with tension and while the puzzles were easy enough to figure out, I wish there was some harder ones.

Overall, a nice escape room horror game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks for your feedback, great video!

Please add .rar file also

Done :)

Thanks :)